No Experience, No Plans, So They Build!

Well this one is a bit funky. ¬†True to the shantyboat spirit, they did it on the cheap, and they didn’t let inexperience get in their way.

nora-friends-build-a-21-foot-boat-from-scratch-youtube-clipular Perhaps actually having some plans may have helped.. but they did finish a boat.

I appreciate this interchange on YouTube:

What a great video!! I was very interested in the overall method of building the bottom first, and then adding the sides!!!! If you figured that out, then you are even more amazing than I already think you are. I do have some questions: 1. Did the bottom leak? You caulked the sides, but how about the bottom? 2. Did you install chines, keel or keelson, stringers, or clamps? (Those are just the nautical names for the wood that goes lengthwise on a wooden boat.) 3. Did you either calculate, or test the stability of Nora? There’s lots of stuff you could look up, like “righting arm,” and “righting moment,” and “Center of Floatation,” and “Center of Gravity,” but common sense works too. Just looking at the video, Nora “looks” top-heavy. I know its been a year, but I hope you do a follow-up video. Maybe build Nora II, incorporating all that you learned here. Keep charging.
Yes, I agree, it would have been much better if we had done a ton of research beforehand. Sadly we only had about 50 days to do the whole process, including planning, buying materials and building. Due to this timeframe we decided to just go for it the best way we could think of. As for a keel, we had a long 6 inch keel running the whole length of the boat which kept it relatively stable, but as you saw for yourself it was a bit top heavy. Honestly it wasn’t too bad though considering we didn’t do any research. We caulked the bottom, but a tiny bit of water got in nonetheless. Looking back on it a single coat of resin would have been the best call. Thanks for the positive feedback
Glad you took it as positive, which it was!!! Some of the best progress is made when a guy doesn’t know the so-called “right way.” For example connecting those side braces to the bottom after the bottom was laid down. That is a good discovery, If it ends up working. All research on that kind of boat (plywood on frame) would have had you building the hull up-side-down, and then turning it over. Anyway, keep going for it.

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