Back to the Micro Shantyboat Project. Finally.

I love the idea of small boats.  Almost anyone can afford them.  They are easy to store and to transport.   And you can get into places no big boat can reach.  Almost two years ago I began to build this, a design I created in Sketchup…

After an initial few months of building life got in the way and the boat sat in my garage, unfinished and untouched for more than a year and a half.  This past week I pulled it out and asked myself if I should throw it away, give it to someone, or finish it.  I decided to finish it.   And I am on my way.



Here is a background story I wrote on

“I am always dreaming boats, surfing the net for my next boat building adventure. Often I return to designs I’ve been thinking on for years. Today, amongst all the Welsford, Atkins, and Theil designs, I returned to the DockBox by Michalak, and was delighted to SEE that one HAS been built.

Bill McKeough’s Dockbox underway in Oklahoma.

As the designer says, “go ahead and laugh”. Still, or perhaps because of that, as I gravitate toward the odd, I always thought the boat could be fun. I’ve been on the Skagit River Delta a couple of times in my Escargot, and the water gets pretty thin down all those little aquatic fingers amidst the reeds and cattails. Some amazingly beautiful scenes there, and no other boats, ‘cept for the occasional kayak. The DockBox would get you there, if not in style, than with a certain sort of Scrooge-like frugality! And it would be fun, plain and simple.

Here I sit in my Escargot waiting for the tide to come in. The water is now 3 inches deep or so! My son took the picture floating on an inner tube connected to the rope you see.

Even though I already have my Escargot I’m going to do this someday, and when I build, it will be done as simply as the Dockbox itself. No resin. No sanding. Maybe I’ll build two! I’ll need a friend, you see, as I’ll be missing my almost”… Read More

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