Meet an Old Time Shantyboater

This video struggles to stand on its own, but you have to love this old guy.  Check out the story and the video.

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Ale Ekstrom has been living aboard his World War II-era rescue boat, “Yesterday,” on Richardson Bay since 1960. On his scow, the “Idyll Wood,” Ekstrom met IJ reporter Paul Liberatore to chat and play his concertina at a dock in Sausalito. (IJ video/Alan Dep)”

“AFTER 50 YEARS on Richardson Bay, no one has lived the free floating life longer than Ale Ekstrom, the grandfather of Sausalito’s storied anchor-outs.

“He’s been doing this longer than anybody,” says artist Stephen Ehret, a neighbor of Ekstrom’s who’s lived on the bay for 40 years himself. “He’s one of the oldest anchor-outs out here.”

At age 76, Ekstrom is a survivor of the infamous houseboat wars of the 1970s, when sheriff’s deputies forcibly removed most of the rebel houseboaters on the northern Sausalito waterfront to clear the way for developers to build a marina at Waldo Point.

“The only legitimate business Marin County has is real estate,” Ekstrom points out one bright morning, sitting in the shade of a sail on the 22-foot scow he uses to motor back and forth between the mainland and the 63-foot World War II rescue boat, “Yesterday” (after the Beatles’ song), that he shares with two cats.

“They’re horrified that anybody would…” Read More

Originally posted 2016-06-07 21:36:21.

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