Ma Belle. A Rusting Beauty with a Past

From the website,  A boater comes across an old rusting hulk of a houseboat and stumbles across a beauty with a past.


Our River Picture of the Day —— is of the old houseboat Ma Belle setting on the Missouri bank of the Mississippi River near South Shore Marina around UMR 226. This old rusting hull has caught my attention quite over the past years as we motored up and down Dardene Slough. I took this picture yesterday when I spotted it for the first time from the landside of the River. Looks like it might have been “some boat” in its day.

Read More about this boat and the people from it’s past.
RiverBill says….Thanks for the picture Robert. It’s to bad to see this piece of history rusting away like it is.
Look for a special article on Ma Belle in RiverBill’s soon. I have received some copies of some old photographs of Ma Belle in her prime from Joe Stork’s daughter. Joe was the original owner. The boat was featured in National Geographic, The Post Dispatch and a local magazine, The River Current.

What it woud look like restored:



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  1. I wonder what it would take to get it floating? My home is Tampa, FL and if I was a bit closer I would love to restore. I am sure it would cost a fortune to transport.

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