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Bonjour Lloyd!

The creativity of micro-architecture is always amazing. This elegant and movable cabin – named Zenzeyos (”be zen”) – can be put on blocks, on stilts (up to 15 meters high), or on floats. (It takes no) more than a half-day (to put it up).
Designer and builder : Jean-Jacques Lavoine (France)
-red cedar and stainless
-Weight 1650 kilograms
-Price : from 36 000 euros (50 000 dollars)
-Innovations :
•optimum ventilation and breathing walls (no condensation)
•self-rigid box (special system for the distribution of forces)
•eco-design with healthy materials and natural insulation (feathers)
•removable furniture
•wind or solar power…..

Originally posted 2011-10-31 02:05:31.

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