Liveaboard Sailing Barge

Found online:     “These are some early drawings of a liveaboard sailing barge. Main requirement was lots of space and large areas of standing headroom. Other requirements are ability to cruise coastal waters to relocate on occasion. Simple lines and ease of construction were also desirable. Shoal draught permits access to sandbanks, shallows, beaches etc. Total weight including ballast is 6000kg. Some of the ballast can be a steel ‘keel’, this adds a little for stability, but adds protection from grounding and also a degree of structural strength. 2cm steel plate is relatively cheap, and extra draught is minimal. The steel keel would have to be protected by fiberglass/epoxy/thin layer of hardwood to minimise scratching which leads to corrosion. The overall dimensions are 33ft x 10ft”

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Originally posted 2014-04-05 20:23:13.

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