Designer’s Comments (Tad Roberts):

Intended as a longer term liveaboard cruiser for one or two people. She is also a short good looking boat with full standing headroom. It always seems to me that a bigger (higher sided) hull with lower deckhouse looks better than the opposite. Full length windows in the trunk will let in plenty of light, arrange the forward one to open for ventilation.

lauracove28-02The aft cockpit is 4’ long and 7’plus wide. Under the cockpit is storage. Downstairs to starboard is the private head, 4’ by 3’ feet square. On the port side is a 7.5’ long counter with room for an icebox, cooking stove, and sink. The aft portion of this counter can double as a chart table while underway. To starboard forward of the head is a 3.5’ space for a heating stove and more storage. Next forward are P&S settees, 6’8” long, with a table around the mainmast between. And furthest forward is the athwartships double, roughly 5’ by 7’ feet, with sitting headroom over the mattress. Finally the forepeak offers another 100 cubic feet of storage volume. Fresh water tanks will be under the settees midships and batteries aft under the cockpit.


Auxiliary power is intended to be an outboard in a well in the cockpit sole, but an inboard diesel with vee or sail-drive could fit under the cockpit.


Vessel Specifications and Comments

  • LOA: 28’0”
  • LWL: 26’6”
  • Beam: 8’0”
  • Draft: 15” (hull)”
  • Displacement: 9500 lbs full load
  • Ballast: = 3500 lbs
  • Sail Area: 480 sq.ft.
  • Power: outboard in a well or inboard diesel
  • Construction: Construction is plywood hull and deck planking over plywood bulkheads. Joints can be fillet and tape or sawn timber with screw fastenings.
  • General Comments:The Laura Cove design came about as the most boat that will utilize 4’ X 8’ plywood sheet material better than the largerHarry II design.

About the Plans

  • Construction Method and Materials:

    Plywood hull and deck planking over plywood bulkheads. Joints can be fillet and tape or sawn timber with screw fastenings.

  • Number and Type of Drawings:

    • CAD, ¾” = 1’0” scale, pdf format
    • Lines and Offsets
    • General Construction
    • Full Size Construction Details
    • General Arrangement
    • Sail Plan
    • Spar and Rigging Plan.
    • Full size plots for bulkheads, transom, and stem provided.
  • Base Price:

    For mailed plans, $550 CAD; for emailed plans, $450 CAD

Originally posted 2016-08-21 16:41:55.

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