“Large Pocket” Sized Shantyboat – OOZE


Ooze Goose – designed by Perttu Korhonen and Michael Storer

OozeGooze is Pdgoose version of Ocean Explorer. Compared to Ocean Explorer OozeGooze gives room for another sailor, or extra comfort to lonely skipper.

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OozeGooze´s idea was to make a boat, that should be relative easy and fast to build. The box shape hull gives roomy cockpit and space for two to sleep inside cabin.

Plans contain 3 pdf files in a zipped folder. One for hull, one for sails, spars and foils and one rotatable 3d model. All the boat’s parts are shown in this model so if something is unclear it can be checked from this model.

The Full 3d model looks like this

Check it our here on Duckworks.

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