Joli Boat

You’ll find a lot of info on Joli at Dan Hohman’s website. He is on hiatus right now, but I know he’ll be back!

Originally posted 2012-06-11 20:23:36.

A website about Shantyboats and affordable living on the water. More than 800 stories to date, and growing.


  1. I know the image says that construction plans are available from Philip Theil by send away for them via snail-mail (at least that’s what I’ve deduced) but does anyone know Philip’s email, phone or fax? I’m in NJ and he is in WA. We need those plans ASAP b/c the winter is fast approaching and I’m afraid our snail mail correspondence might take a bit too long. THANKS!

    • An affordable shantyboat for rivers and lakes. Bryan Lowe – Seattle, Washington Life, as seen through boat building, cranial operations, a family, and love.   The designer of Escargot is Phil Thiel 4720 7th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105 206-633-2017     Plans for Joli, a large version of the Escargot, are currently $120, while a set of…

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