Instant Houseboat?

Those tiny house/barn kits that are around… why not built them on a raft or pontoons for an “instant” boat? The price is two years old, but you get the idea.

From YouTube: “I found this potential cabin in Blue Ridge, Ga. It is 12X30′ and sells for $7,695. These buildings can be purchased at 140 locations. Contact #: 706 633 0029.


Originally posted 2016-05-29 20:56:42.

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  1. A very tempting idea until you consider the weight. These appear to be built to standard building conventions, so if built right will last a century or more. For a shanty boat, I’d want RV standard construction, which is much lighter. The walls would not necessarily be thinner, but 1 x 4s would be used instead of 2 x 4s. Foam insulation would probably be used instead of fiberglass. Just about everything, including books, would be stowed under or within built in furniture.

    I think it is naive to believe a good shanty boat is any easier to design than a boat intended to cross an ocean. The problems are just different. with a shanty boat, ergonomics are king, followed by good stability and ease of propulsion. Rough water capability is a distant fourth, but is still a consideration. Large rivers can develop waves too. Also, the boat has to float with proper trim, meaning that heavy objects often may end up in less than desirable locations in regards to ergonomics.

    But certain liberties can be taken, such as having a side deck on one side but not the other.

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