New Hull, New Life

Guest Reporter Mike Weekes says:  I  should have known it, when the fist plastic containers punctured during a thunder storm last week that they were not rugged enough to meet the requirements of this Geodesic Houseboat.  When you have a boat, and it starts taking on water, it’s likely to become the first step in a downward spiral.  That was my case anyway.
After realizing that I was in denial, I took one honest look at the boat Tuesday and said, “If I’m going to get any sleep this week, I have to bite the bullet, purchase rugged containers I thought of originally (but was too cheap to buy initially) and design and make a new, larger float, immediately, with 4,500 lbs. of buoyancy, versus the original 3,500 lbs.
I used the sidewalks adjacent to the Canalside waterfront and layed it all out, calked, driller, hauled and sweat like a pig!  In 24 hours I had achieved the solution.  In 48 hrs.  I had executed it!
This is getting old!
I worked like a mad man from dawn to dusk and today, with the help of a friend named Ben, we actually transferred the cabin to the new hull and what we now have is a robust, capable, reliable Geodesic Houseboat with sealed, rugged containers and more resiliency to match the gusts and waves of the place where Lake Erie meets the Buffalo and Niagara River.
I have enclosed a number of pictures, including the old, semi-submerged original hull, now longer safe enough to support a small cat.  Lesson learned: do it right the first time.  Take Away: it’s what you do when your boat starts to sink that tells you if you’re a real man.  It takes courage to solve a problem head on, but  I wish I was smart instead.  Well, mistakes are the basis of learning, but this learning is exhausting me.
I now look forward to having a cold frosty one and reclining on my new, improved Geo Houseboat with new rear deck (I offset the cabin on the deck by 30″ and now there’s room for an aft chair or two and a gas grill!
IMG_2291 IMG_2290 IMG_2270 IMG_2297

Originally posted 2013-08-03 06:21:10.

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