Houseboat Across Atlantic

From the BBC:

A houseboat apparently built by a Canadian environmentalist — whose solar-powered bike brought him to Newfoundland last year — has washed up in Ireland.

The BBC reported Monday that the Irish Coast Guard was alerted to the boat drifting off the coast of County Mayo, on Ireland’s west coast.

When it was brought ashore, the boat — about the size of a trailer, with solar panels on the roof — had no one aboard, but a note left behind indicated it was abandoned.

000d2aa6-614Malin Coast Guard said it has been contact with colleagues in Halifax, who confirmed the boat had been docked over the summer.

There are reports the boat could have been docked in Portugal Cove-St Philip’s in Newfoundland as late as September.

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Thanks to Daniel Pike.

Originally posted 2016-11-14 07:30:55.

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