Hideaway Table

From Instructables:

Cost: All materials cost around $60 from HD/Lowes/Habitat. All tools cost under $120 and were purchased refurbished online or used off craigslist. Fasteners: I recommend using all screws for the project. — All materials were salvaged from a previous project of couches as last apartment. Couch frames made the frame for the table.
My Desk (fold away) v1.jpg

Limited space?
Enjoy a stand up desk?

For years I’ve dreamed of having a drafting table in the apartment but was unwilling to sacrifice living space. This project allows for a drafting table to be installed anywhere – even over an existing desk. The Sketchup rendering is from an old apartment and doesn’t match the installation but shows the intention.

Enjoy! Jeff


Originally posted 2016-02-25 06:59:46.

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