New Take on French Canal Boat

As poorly translated from the Website :  Unusual accommodation is the towline cabanée accommodation with breathtaking views combined with privacy inimitable Hosting ecological toue cabanée The product is environmentally friendly thanks to innovative solutions from the point of view eco-construction. History and Culture The toue cabanée is a product that has an identity, a story.A stay in Mantua cabanée is a journey through time.


Length: 12.30 m
Width: 4.41 m
Draft: 0.70 m
Air draft: 2.45 m



Polyester piece rear drive with 4 deck hatches in the side panels of 45 mm solid pine treated tinted glaze and two cleats embedded Piautre (rudder tiller) Rear Balcony pilot seat with two electric motors at 48 V input power of 4000 watts , 2040 W propulsive power equivalent to 10 hp propeller of an outboard engine or 20 hp gasoline. transmission system on two engines saffron LS assisted with pump and cylinder camera navigation screen and rear steering with remote console joystick and motor 800 liters of fuel in three tanks in front locker Generator 220 V from 7.7 kVA (6500W) converter Victron MultiPlus charger 220 V / 48 V 5000 w Battery Pack of 225 A at 48 V (4 x 12 V)

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