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“Hello everyone, I am a newby and this is my first post. I am in the finishing stages of a shanty barge ( plastic drums ).It is 8 ft. wide and 16 ft.long at present time but I will be installing drop down floating decks on the front and rear of barge.I have built it to have floating decks that conect on the sides also.
the cabin is 7.5 ft. wide by 7 ft long. the doors are 32 inches wide and centered in the 7.5 . I will add a counter at standard height with a two burner stove,icebox,and small sink.I want storage cabnets/benches.may place head on front deck? I want a camper type lay out ( useable and as roomy as a 7×7 can have )This has been the hardest part of the build, “lay out”. If anyone has any ideas or small plans that you would share, I will be grateful.I want to use a composting head and will filter lake/river water for showers and use gals. of distilled from the big box store.
I love this site,you guys are great! thanks,
greggd ”


RJWalker says:”Greggd – Out of curiosity, where are you located? Have any pics to share?

I haven’t seen any floor that I could specifically recommend for that size- FWIW, I’m looking at building a Waterlodge Too by Glen-L – layout here:

The cabin is about 14 x 8, and I’ve sectioned off a room to those dimensions and am mocking up the layout – cardboard for the galley side, old plywood and stuff for the settee and and dinette side and playing with different layouts.

I suppose you’ve looked at the on-line camper designs: here’s one also at Glen-L:

Do a google search for travel trailers “Canned Ham” for ideas

On a slightly larger scale, there are a few layouts on this blog page:

And here:

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