Fafnir: Physicists Build Sailboat

Affordable living on the water can come in all shapes, sizes, and styles of boat.  Here is…

“Fafnir, a DIY plywood ocean-going sailboat being built by two physics students” – http://purjekas.planet.ee/

About the idea

Their website says: “Endless hours were spent on watching videos and reading articles of people sailing over distant seas, seeing distant lands, spending time with their thought and reaching fundamental conclusions of what it is to be a human being. A yearn to find it all out by personal experience settled. Inspired by boatbuilders, such as Sebastian Näslund and Yrvind,  a decision to construct a sailboat was made. A resonance of ideas between two physics course mates sparked the work process. As it so happened, neither of us had ever built a boat nor sailed. We started out from nothing, not even a budget, but we had the idea and a ton of willpower.

The boat will look something like the image on the right
(courtesy of John Welsford).
It will be a bermuda-rigged plywood yacht, 4 meters long and it should be able to carry two people in relative comfort with a few weeks’ worth of supplies. We hope to take her across the Baltic Sea one day! The philosophy behind this boat is not just to get a vessel that can go on water, but to prove that some dreams can be made reality with just some simple tools and determination.
We plan on documenting the build in some detail. Getting started is always the hard part and we’d like to try and make it simpler for others.”


Note that they have added a pointed bow to the pram design.

From the beginning:

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