Escargot: Another Look reporter Dan Hohman sent me this link to an update on Escargot.  I built the first ever to current plans, but this one is in another league althogether!

“We were invited by Jan, the owner of the water carriage . Three of the number are there and Jan has actually made all by hand. A really impressive work, because every boat has been created with a lot of attention to detail.

The red water carriage was at our disposal. A little jewel when you ask me. The houseboat has a hatch at the front and at the rear, through which you get inside the boat. At the end you will find everything: a small kitchen, fully equipped with crockery, an induction plate, a gas cooker on the road, a pool with water for pumping up and even a refrigerator with ice compartment.

Opposite the kitchen is a small seating corner with dining table for two to four people, which can be converted to the bed in the evening. Behind it there is a lot of storage space, hatches, a storage with lighting for the card reading. And behind this, there was not only the possibility for us to store backpacks, angels and co. Because in the evening you can fold down the stairs and you have a really large lying area aka bed. I think the carriage is perfect for two people, but also four people can do well in any case. Ok, at least if they like each other and like to come close.”

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