A Dream Boat?

Once again, it is pretty far from a shantyboat, but what a lovely foundation for something we build ourselves. Or, if you have the money, have this designer build one for you.   More Here.

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“Toue Cabanée, 12m

With simple shape, shallow draft and ability to carry loads, this traditional kind of boat called “Toue cabanée”, was a major actor of trading along the Loire River and affluent. Today, those same characteristics match well with using the toue cabanée as house boat, ideal for exploring river and lake in an ideal contort conditions. The present project showed here has been developed in a constant sense of simplicity of the construction process, without neglecting the general aspect and nautical behavior..

The Toue is based on a 12m long and 3.4m width aluminum hull, carrying a timber framing house with moderne convenience. This configuration offers many advantages:
Thanks to the use of aluminum, hull need only a little looking after and provides height safety condition with his watertight double-bottom.

Marc Ronet Architecture Navale - Projets.clipular
Moreover, the timber framing house combines a simple way of construction and a good thermal insulation. And the use of wood board siding gives it a visual aspect close to the traditional Toue Cabanée.

On this project, the choice of an out-board motor contribute to the simplicity of use and maintenance of the boat. A separated rudder and fore keels guarantee good manoeuvrability.

As you can see on the drawing, the accommodation includes a main cabin with a double-bed and a desk, a cabin with two bunk-beds, a bathroom and a kitchen in front of the salon. The inner cockpit provides user-friendliness and conviviality. A large door-window opens on the foredeck. The floor area is about 18m2?

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