Downsizing Your Lifestyle

Why do we want to downsize our lives to fit into all that encompases a shantyboat lifestyle?   There are countless reasons, but here’s a look at voluntary downsizing and the benefits that apply just as much to shantyboat living as they does to simply moving into a smaller house.


1.  Save Money on Frivolous Living – from Top Ten Benefits of Downsizing into a Smaller Home.

“Let’s face it, the more space you have, the more area you feel like you need to fill every square corner with! One of the beauties on downsizing your home is the ability to stop wasting money on furniture, electronics, appliances, and home items that are used to fill space rather than to fulfill a function. Downsizing into a smaller home will you help you prioritize your life and only bring what is necessary in your home.”

Translated into shantyboat speak:  Nature, and people, abhor a vacuum.   Space will get filled with stuff.  You don’t need stuff, and living on a shantyboat will limit your purchases naturally by limiting space to fill.

2.  Have More “Me Time” and Less Stress.  – From Benefits of Downsizing into a Smaller Home

You’ll be amazed by how much your stress level will reduce and how much money you’ll save when you don’t have that large house to clean, furnish and maintain. When living in a smaller home, you’ll spend less time and money on maintenance and do more of the things you never had time for.

Translated into Shantyboat Speak:  It’s more fun to float down a river than to mow the lawn and repair a downspout.


3.  Costs Less to Heat/Cool – From Home Downsizing

Smaller, more efficient homes require less energy, cost less to heat and cool, and are more environmentally friendly.

Translated into Shantyboat Speak:  Big space… heat it with dollars.  Small space… heat it with candles.   Almost.

4.  Sell the Stuff You Can’t Keep – From Seven Benefits to Downsizing Your Home

Put cash in your pocket: Sell your extra stuff on eBay, Craigslist and at a garage sale.

Translated into Shantyboat Speak:  Make money from what you no longer need.

To get more “reasons and benefits”, check out all the links above.

Originally posted 2013-09-14 02:32:45.

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