Deek’s Pocket Cruiser Shantyboat

Deek’s latest shantyboat adventure. You just have to check out his site at

Originally posted 2012-04-12 12:11:02.

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  1. Hi Deek,

    This is way cool, and adding to an existing hull sure keeps the work down. Price can’t be beat by DIY, either!

    One comment in a constructive spirit, however:

    The Center of Gravity (CG) is very high for the short and narrow hull, and has a lot of side windage, to boot. It’s a possibility that, even in protected water, a wake or gust of wind (or both) could tip you to a point-of-no-return. The Coast Guard offers free stability analysis, if you’d like professional feedback.

    Heavy gear, stowed low and secure in the hull will help (avoid ceiling and roof-top stowage), but a lower structure is a big help.

    We just got your (wonderful) book, and would suggest something along the lines of your Inclined “Plain” (aka “the Wedge”). The incline could be nearly flat, while running the boat, and used as a deck, then pop up at anchor (fabric or screen sides/windows). It would be a lot cozier than your present house, but less prone to trouble.

  2. Hey Dave,
    ‘Appreciate the input, and thanks for picking up the book too! I’m actually already planning on adding some stability by way of outriggers, and/or pontoons on the sides to prevent it from swamping. The cabin isn’t as high as it appears, the top “bar” is just a securing point for a canvas tent, or shade roof of some sort, the roof of the cabin won’t be that high…. you’re right though….

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