Chugger, the Funky Shanty

A 12 ft Flat-bottom Minimalist Overnight CabinCruiser.

You know one when you see one… the Chugger.

There’s no mistaking it’s look… or it’s functionality.

Plans are now available

The original design pic of Chugger is below. It is a 12 foot 2 person overnight cruiser for the minimalist. It is designed to use 4′ X 8′ sheets of ply and is built using minimal frames (one at the beginning of the bow curve and one at the rear of the cabin). The whole look of the boat is defined by the (false) Shear. Erase it and it looks like a tank. Using the false shear with a light topside and a darker bottom will give the illusion that the boat has side decks around the cabin. An additional 2 ‘ of boat is not shown (see below), but continues to the rear to a square transom, providing a 4′ X 4’ cockpit. Picture shows 10″ wide at bows, but it is actually 18 “.   Picture was hand drawn, then scanned in and played with in Paint, but reducing to fit this page caused some loss of clarity. Chugger should draw about 5.25 inches with the boat, motor, people, gear of 1150 lbs. Boat should weigh in at about 200 lbs. That leaves 950 lbs to play with!





Variations of Chugger


12 ft versions….The Original and a Displacement version


14ft versions…..Regular, Extended Cabin, Extended Cabin Inclined Transoms and Extended Cabin Displacement.


16 footers…. Regular, Extended Cabin, Extended Cabin Inclined Transoms, Extended Cabin Inclined Transoms Displacement.

As you can see, various features such as lengthening the boat or portions of it, inclining the transoms, narrowing the bows and making the hull into a displacement hull can be used singly or combined to produce a Chugger that is not only a Chugger, but YOUR Chugger. These are only a few of the possible combinations.

I don’t think that the 12′ version is a good candidate for any modifications other than narrowing the bows a bit and making it a displacement hull. There just isn’t enough boat to incline the transoms or increase the length of the cabin, without lengthing the boat overall.


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