Bow of Ship Becomes Cabin in the Woods

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing:  The retired cement carrier Lewis G. Harriman was scheduled to be scrapped on 2003. Her forward cabins were purchased by Marc and Jill Vander Meulen to be relocated to their summer cottage near DeTour Village. This pictorial history shows the progress of her scrapping and the move of her forward cabin section to DeTour. A complete history of the Lewis G. Harriman can be found here.  Rest of this story here.

Originally posted 2016-02-29 08:08:30.

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  1. Really suprizede to see the freighter in the woods since I had driven by it near the end of Sims Street. As a teen-ager growing up in DeTour, we have camped on this site in the late 1940’s. It was known as Gafney’s Point in honor of a former Lighthouse Keeper at the DeTour Point in Lake Huron. I left this paradise in 1951.

  2. A couple of those portholes by the logo put light in my old cabin when it was still the Boardman.

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