Bolger Superbrick Sailing Shantyboat

Bolger was a true shantyboater at heart… as a designer… and for quite some time, in his choice of home.     Though he did design boats with traditional beauty, including the sailing ship Rose, most know him today as the designer of a series of square boats, boats with a beauty that was mostly pragmatic.   He envisioned boats that could be built.. .and used.. by anyone… for camping… for shantyboat living.

Here is one of the most pragmatic of them all.. the Super Brick.

Some would call it ugly.  Maybe many.  For a while there were some guys willing to pay the first builder of this boat a few thousand dollars, money collected from Bolger fans across the country.   I am not aware of any takers.

The gauntlet has been thrown down…. for you.   Do it.

You’ll find links about the boat all over the net.. including these…

Paper Model


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