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Martha Jane is the smallest possible true sharpie with adequate accommodations for two. It is well known that good sharpies offer the most performance for the least investment of time and money. This makes Martha Jane a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as she is an owner built boat that will out sail and outclass most other boats her size. Martha Jane might look old fashioned, but she is actually a very modern yacht. Her 500 lb. of water ballast gives her power under sail and the safety of being self righting, dump it out for ease of trailering. Her balanced lug sail cat yawl rig sets a lot of sail down low and is powerful and efficient both on and off the wind.

Her tabernacle mast can be easily lowered for ease of trailering, to get under low bridges or escape a real blow. Her leeboards, combined with her kick up rudder, make her a true shallow water sailor without the maintenance headaches or interior clutter of a centerboard trunk. Of course she is self bailing.

Mike O’Brien, senior editor of ‘Wooden Boat’ magazine, says in #80, ‘Built as drawn, Martha Jane should be self-bailing, self righting, unsinkable, easily trailer able, and fast under sail. She’s a most significant sharpie.’ For those who want a fast, comfortable and trailer able cruiser for two, or a spirited day-sailor for more, Martha Jane is the boat. No other small sharpie even comes close.

LENGTH – 23′ 6″
BEAM – 6′
EMPTY WEIGHT – Approx 1400 lbs
DRAFT – 7″ (Boards Up)
BALLAST – 500 lbs (Water)
SLEEPS – 2 Adults in 8′ Berths
DAY SAILS – Up to 4 Adults
POWER – Sail or A 5-7 1/2 HP Motor
BUILDING TECHNIQUE – Instant Boat Building
MATERIAL – 20 Sheets 1/2″ Plywood, Framing Lumber





A Martha Jane Build

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