Ambitious Build: Lotus Eater

Now this is one big build, and it seems to work for him.    There were some problems in high winds a couple of times, and some challenging repairs, but this is quite the “shantyboat” palace.    Read all about it.

“How do you build a houseboat?

  lotus eater medium

Do complicated mathematical computations, research what everybody else has ever done, talk to lots of experts, hire a naval architect, draft an elegant and complete set of drawings, compile a lengthy list of parts, pieces, and potential purchases, draw up a detailed timeline, and within a few months of flawless construction, hang curtains in the windows, purchase a bottle of decent champagne, and launch the resulting yacht for its triumphant shakedown cruise.

 –   OR  –

lotus eater model

Plan B, the No-Plans Plan: Get a sheet of quarter-inch plywood, and cut-and-glue until you have something that looks like a 1:12 scale version of the boat you had in mind. Hang a little radio-controlled outboard motor on the back, and see if the thing can be steered in the backyard pond. If you like the way that goes, use it as a pattern, and scale it up. Well, how about that? It works! Tracks just beautifully, even with a stiff crosswind and choppy water. We hope the real thing will do as well.”
lotus eater long
lotus eater close
lotus eater plan

Originally posted 2014-04-12 06:45:50.

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