Note that this is from 2012, but it’s well worth a look, even if it is NOT cheap.  I’ve been aboard and it’s small/adorable.  A couple lived aboard under the University Bridge in Seattle.

2124213934_zpid-0Location: Seattle, Wash.
Price: $145,000
The Skinny: Bobbing in the waters of Lake Union, just to the north of downtown Seattle, this quaint little houseboat offers a different way of life for $145K. Of course, sharing this tiny escape from reality with anyone else might be next to impossible, but the petite quarters are certainly cute enough to keep one occupant happy.

2124213934_zpid-4-0Located in a marina slip, the houseboat was rebuilt in 2005 and now has an updated stove, new under-counter fridge, and charming beadboard woodwork. The commercial-looking marina, guarded by a worn out chain-link fence, is completely bereft of curb appeal, but the novelty of living on the water might overcome any misgivings about the location, especially when downtown is just minutes away.”

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Thanks to reporter Dan Hohman.


Commercially built

Commercially built

Originally posted 2016-10-28 10:15:53.

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