Retirement Ruminations on Adventure

A good friend of mine doesn’t do anything… and it’s bothering him.  Nothing really excites or inspires him, and it’s just lead to his early demise.  It’s tough, though I’ve really tried to help him.

All of that got me thinking, am I going to “do enough” in my upcoming retirement to just 16 hours of work a week effective the end of June?

A bit of background.  I’ve worked for the same radio station since 1979, first as announcer, then as the “internet guy” as the Internet was first being invented, then as Program Director.  It’s been a good job, in fact, it’s been good enough for me to continue on that part time basis, in part for the money, but also for the emotional perks.

But, I too, have a challenge.  Like generations of relatives before me, I have some depression issues.   While I take a few meds, I think the biggest help has come from my “adventures” in travel, learning, and creativity.  I’ve built boats, learned to fly, raced Model T Fords, made kombucha.. Kimchi.. or humbow and on and on.   Diving into something, immersing myself in it, that’s the surest cure.   Learning, that’s the trick, with challenges that are as diverse as making black garlic, to extreme lower power ham radio digital communications, to driving some unusual vehicle across the country.

bottom2I’ve also learned, I think, that there are a few elements that must be including along with that big dose of adventure, including social contact with other people, writing about the adventures, and time with those I love.  And I already know from hard won experience, I’ll need to plan for it… hard.   If I don’t MAKE it happen, with some forethought, it won’t.

Shantyboats are a good center challenge in all this.  They are affordable, or at least within reason.  I can head out for a weekend or a week and beyond in waters near me, or within a day or two drive.  And building my own design, or modifying an existing one, really takes this challenge and super-sizes it.   I do plan on building at least two more boats when I retire… and certainly one will be a “shantyboat”.

In this space I’ll do the writing portion of this “adventure cure”.  You find the excitement and the inevitable lows as well.

But I must stop writing now and go off to work.  At least for the next few months.

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