Lovely Shantyboat Tour

Taking a private houseboat tour isn’t exactly the shantyboat life, but we do get a glimpse of an interesting boat, and there is a lovely waterway featured.


From Youtube. “We went on a 3-day (two night) house boat tour in May 2014 in Tajung Putting, Kalimantan…. It was absolutely one of the best experiences we have ever had.

We booked through Isy Iskandar and his wife Ruth (….booking the houseboat was easy once we decided who we wanted to go with, booking the flights was another story and unfortunately we found ourselves in Surabaya for two days (which in hindsight, we REALLY would have happily missed). When we arrived in Pangkalan Bun, Ruth was there waiting for us at the airport where we were immediately taken to the port of Kumai to depart on our trip and where we met our amazing guide (Febie), our captain (Ahim), Assistant Captain (Aidil) and the best Indonesian Chef EVER (Amah). The houseboat itself….( the kunang-kunang “firefly”) was lovely, it was a natural wood (teak), clean and very comfortable; we had a hammock (other houseboats didn’t) and two very comfortable cushioned teak chairs to lounge in while we meandered up the river (we noticed other boats had cheap plastic chairs). There was a covered area so there was plenty of shelter from the sun. “

Originally posted 2016-06-11 21:53:14.

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