“Huck Finn” Across the Baltic

Guest Post by Hans Karbe:

Hausbootreise von Lübeck in die Stockholmer Schären 2013-2014 - YouTube.clipular

Mit Hausboot Brixholm über die Ostsee nach Schweden I + II - YouTube.clipular (1)

Since my childhood, probably initiated by reading “Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” , I had the plan to build a shantyboat or houseboat for traveling along rivers and coasts. After I read the books of Harlan Hubbard I decided to make this true. Seven years ago, I bought an old platform with 2 pontoons and constructed an houseboat isolation panels. I used normal windows and doors from the store and an 60 hp outboard engine.  After some improvement and changes I started in summer 13 for a trip across the Baltic Sea to Stockholm. There my shantyboat is now, a movable summerhouse in a beautiful scenery with thousends of islands to explore.

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