From the site Iboats:

This is my M&D retirement home. Custom built to my dads design about 5 years ago. They moved up from a 43 foot nautiline houseboat they use to live on. Needless to say,this one is more accomadating. They absolutely love living aboard. They have everything they need to be self sustaining. Has hardwood through out, Full size hickory kitchen (installed by me). Full size bath. Central air! John deer deisel motor, bow thruster, even has a workshop that many others in the marina have pulled up to on occasion to fix things on there boats.



I am so happy for them, they will live out the rest of there hopefully many years in comfort and don’t have to go anywhere but down the river for a vacation. Also makes a great docking and home base for my little boat. There houseboat weights in at around 80 tons. Hurricane siding. 2 generators, etc.

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