4 by 4 Houseboat

Youtube Says:  Paddling Home is a 4 x 4 house created by Kacey Wong. This tiny building resembles a typical residential Hong Kong apartment block completed with features such as bay windows, air conditioning unit, and stainless steel gate, etc Like a paddling boat, two paddling oars can be push out from the two walls allowing the house to be slowly paddle away.

Paddling home by kacey wong.mp4 YouTube 2

Paddling home by kacey wong.mp4 YouTube

The concept of this project came from the extremely expansive living condition Hong Kong where the people can only afford tiny apartment flat and have to spend their lifetime repaying the mortgage. Real estate developers only follow one successful formula that is to squeeze as much money out of the land as possible, then package it with illusive commercial selling grandeur and luxury. Thats why people always say we are not working for ourselves but working for the real estate developers and the bankers instead.

Paddling Home is about mobility and compact living. It questions alternative way to live in the city; it is about freedom and the search for a better place. The artist think the image of a helpless little house paddling away in a vast dangerous ocean towards the infinite shoreline is similar to using 20 30 years time to repay a huge mortgage loan, it is dangerous and helpless.

The local real estate commercial often boast their property have 180 degree view of the harbour and now my property finally beats them all since my apartment have 360 degree sea view. I was able to do some fishing and golfing on my private roof garden that day, a daring operation and very exciting indeed, enjoy.

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