Egg as Shantyboat

The liveaboard experiment is over, but the boat is still interesting.

From GizMag:  Exbury Egg is a floating off-grid workspace and home, installed on the shore of the Beaulieu River, UK. It was conceived by artist Stephen Turner, and created with the help of both Perring Architecture and Design, and SPUD design studio. The egg-shaped structure will support Turner for a year as he carries out observations on the local environment and produces his works of art.


As Exbury Egg is required to float, its construction was logically entrusted to local boat-builder Paul Baker, who used reclaimed cedar, and locally-sourced Douglas Fir to produce a buoyant, waterproof structure measuring roughly 6 x 2.8 m (20 x 10 ft). It will remain tethered in place by ropes.

egg two

Though not exactly bursting with home comforts, the snug space does provide the basic necessities. The interior contains a desk, hammock, and kitchen, which itself sports a paraffin stove and sink. However, there’s no running water, so Turner makes use of a nearby hosepipe back on land. Access to the egg is afforded via a small pontoon bridge.

egg three

There’s no electricity on-board, so the artist will rely on solar chargers to keep his cell-phone, digital camera, and laptop juiced-up.



Originally posted 2013-06-15 06:24:17.

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