Bolger Canal Houseboat

Photos of a proposed Bolger canal boat from Bruce Holman, who said…”This simple, low horsepower, light weight 24 footer seems like it
would make a great family comfortable camping cruising platform.  I think Bolger predicted 7.5hp would cruise at 6 mph, and he drew in a
second motor mount because a second motor could give peace of mind for
an additional push of speed for quick crossings of patches of open

7 1/2 hp OP
Cartoon#05 25’10″x6’8″x7″
Riverboat/canalboat,low power camp cruiser 6 knots in the spirit of Arthur Ransom’s Coot Club book

Phil Bolger & Friends
P.O. Box 1209, Gloucester, MA, 01930
Fax: (978) 282-1349

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Bolger Canal Boat

Canal Boat Plans

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