Pico boating: Yrvind in Ten

Sven Yrvind – Project Ten – April 19, 2012 (he has since abandoned this project and is working on another)

Famous Swedish sailor Sven Yrvind talks about project and the boat Yrvind Ten that he will use to circumnavigate the world non-stop. The boat is smaller than 10 feet.
Read more on Sven Yrvind on www.yrvind.com

Information about Sven Yrvind as a public speaker


Documentary production by SverigesTalare

His website says….

The boat is unique. I have therefore developed a unique building method. To get strenght, boyancy and insulation for the southern winter combined with as low weight as possible I have chosen a sandwich core of 40 mm ( nearly 2 inch ) Divinycell foam of 100 kilo per cubic meter density. For a non-stop sail of one year the boat has no other choice than to be heavy. A heavy boat with a lenght of ten feet or three meter must have very compund curves with small radiuses. There is no other choice. It is impossible to bend that kind of Divinycell into that shape. I did not even consider it. Instead I chose the bricklaying method, building the boat of small bricks or tiles or quadrangels of Divinycell.

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