Bolger Double Eagle

Bolger’s “Double Eagle”
40′ X 20′ X 1’8″

This is text from a website featuring a build of the Bolger Double Eagle: ¬†This layout plan shows the interior arrangement. Since the design was created a decision was made to increase the overall beam to 20′ from the original 16′ shown here.¬† A few changes will be an enlarged wheelhouse and a larger saloon to include a diesel heating stove. Of course the foredeck will be 4′ wider also. Aft between the two hulls is a ramp for the yawlboat. The propulsion for “Double Eagle” is a 12’6″ yawlboat that rides on the ramp. The ramp can raise the yawlboat completely clear of the water or lower to put the yawlboats prop in the water. There are two options for an engine. The first is a 25hp air cooled engine coupled to a Sonic catamaran drive. The advantage of this system is using the engine to turn a 100 amp alternator to charge the house battery bank. The second engine option is a high thrust four stroke outboard such as the Yamaha 50hp T50. This is a great engine but the alternator only puts out 10 amps making charging the house batteries a problem. With the outboard option wind and solar power would be used.
The upper view shows the centerboard spine. This is a single construct housing the chain locker forward, the centerboard amidships and the yawlboat ramp aft. The ramp hinges on the centerboard hinge pin. This view also shows the mast tabernacle. The mast is raised or lowered using the windlass.

New information:
The overall width of the boat changed from 16′ to 20 feet and along with this change the propulsion arrangement has changed also. The boat will now be powered with one or two outboards mounted on the centerline on a rigid mount on the aft bulkhead.

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  1. Hi Bryan,

    THEGREATSEA was built by a friend, then sold to my Sister… so it’s ‘in the family’, so to speak. Anke and I stayed on it for about a month (total) in winter and spring. Great live-aboard and party boat!

    Four staterooms at the ends of each ama, and a generous kitchen, ‘living room’, and head, with a small ‘shop’ and the ‘telephone booth’ pilothouse (which really works well… 360 view).

    Haven’t been out sailing with it, yet, but hope to once Sis returns from the far East (WA.DC). Another friend is renting and living aboard, now.

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