149 Foot Boat… $10,000?

It’s July 26th, 2016 and I see a boat for sale on Craigslist that says…

01111_bmCpBehrG8B_1200x900“The Titan is quite the tugboat, with a very unique history! It is a welded steel twin screw tug originally built for the Army Transportation Corp in 1945 by Tampa Marine Corp. in Tampa, Florida, it was eventually bought by Sause Bros. and underwent a complete repowering and reconstruction in 1994. When it came time to replace the engines again, it was decided to retire this tugboat due to its age and the cost of keeping it up to very high working standards. It no longer has engines, but would be perfect to convert to a houseboat.







Principal Characteristics:
Length (reg) 143′
Length (oa) 149′
Depth (mid) 19.4′
Breadth (mid) 32.7′
Net Tons 135
Gross Tons 199
F.O. Capacity 180,000 gal.
F.W. Capacity 5,000 gal.
L.O. Capacity 1,100 gal.

For more information about the Titan’s history, check out Wikipedia:

Showing by appointment only.”

Originally posted 2016-07-26 20:55:39.

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