11 Square Foot “Home”

I’ve always been a sucker for tiny homes.  I attended the first ever workshop on tiny homes, as given by Jay Shafer, of Four Lights Houses a good number of years ago, and have read every book on the subject.

The reality is, though, that not only does my wife think the idea crazy, so do I… for us at least.   But that only applies to full time living.   I love the idea of a tiny getaway by myself for perhaps a week or so at a time.   And so I dream.

In the case of the absurd 9 square foot house, many would say the dream is, in reality, a nightmare.   Conceived as an exercise in exactly how small you can go, it’s never been built.  Still, I think of that thing often.   What a challenge!

And today I did a bit of diddling about in the workshop and took a scrap piece of plywood and started imagining.  What would it be like, even as a retreat for a day on a rainy Fall Seattle day?   Imagine my tiny phone booth sized house, more study closet, warm and cozy and comfortable, with music, a small heater, a good book and a garden recliner… dry, on my own along the shores of Seattle’s Lake Washington.

Yeah, that sounds good to me, as does a week up in the my favorite sloughs north of Seattle.   My e-reader, a small stove, a bed, solar panels, and hopefully a light rain and one hell of a view.

The original design, found here, was just 9 square feet.  Nine.  Wow.

Through some clever thinking it included many of the comforts of home.  It was a marvel, if not necessarily a great idea!

I saw.  I was warned against it.  I persisted.

But my current design idea calls for a structure that would be portable, breaking into pieces that could fit into the back of my car, and would total 11 square feet, or .00025 acres. 😉  Just a touch over one square meter.

For now my rough idea is along these lines, where the house would lay over on its side in order for me to sleep.

This was my inspiration, though I’m thinking a bit taller.

Not sure I’ll continue…. but I hope I do!

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