Something From Nothing

In this economy it doesn’t make sense to build a boat. A quick scan of Craig’sList turns up an amazing variety of boats, many for little more than a song, at least when compared to prices about four years ago or so.

So why do I want to build more boats?

I like making something from nothing. I enjoy the act of creation, the challenge of turning a dream into reality. I’ve bought boats, and I have built boats, and for me nothing can compare with the boat I built. There’s the sense of pride, yes, but for me it’s more joy at building something the way I want it, using it exactly the way I dreamed of it. I’ve written often in my Escargot “blog” about my journey’s with my son in our boat, and I genuinely believe that the trips would have been so different in a boat I bought. First off, most boats that included sleeping for up to four, along with a head, a kitchen, a living room, and two decks, wouldn’t of been able to make it into the rivers, as it would have been huge. There just isn’t an 18 foot boat commercially made that offers all that… and certainly not in a boat that can float in five inches of water. And as my son and I were lying in the forward bunks in the dim glow of our candle lamps, listening to Art Bell’s spooky stories of shadow people or aliens on the radio, it just felt magical.

I started the boat ten years ago. Ten years! That a lot of years worth of boating in my 21 year old son’s life… a lot of memories. And now he is in boat building school!

Nothing I have done since… from learning to fly to driving fire engines in a parade to learning to play the rare French instrument called the Cristal Baschet.. has given me such a thrill for such a sustained period of time.

I spend hours looking for my next boat, hours thinking out the next adventure. I have enough plans and dreams to create a dozen more boats… at least.    Boating can be a dream come true…but there is no dream that compares when it involves a boat you have build from nothing… a boat you have built yourself.

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