PDR/Adventure Sailing: Building Quiets My Mind

Honestly speaking, I sometimes suffer from rumination, excess thought, often negative.   It’s a generations long family curse, but I’ve made some serious progress on it.  There were times I thought it would kill me, or I’d kill myself… but I’m beyond that now.  Thankfully. But if it ever starts to creep back in I’ve found that a project can make all the difference, and boat building is the best.   A project, such as a boat in my shop, gives me a chance to focus, to stay centered.  It keeps me in the here and now, giving no space to those stupid coulda/shoulda/wouldas, what if, or how comes.

It’s like meditation, focusing on your breath, but in this case, on a sheet of plywood and some plans.  My mind is all in, engaged, without worry or doubt.  For a person who suffers from those ruminating voices, that, my friends, is a gift.   Boats as therapy.


I am laid low by a cold, but I was healthy enough to take the two sides of the hull and the front and rear transom and loosely fit them together in my living room, the one place inside my house right now that is big enough to allow it.  Gotta get my son’s shop supplies out of MY shop!


My dogs were intrigued, and now I know there will be room for them for a trip. 😉

More to come.   See more on the Scow 244.


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