Adventure Sailing: Tiny Galley

Tomorrow my plans will finally arrive from MacNaughton for the Silver Gull 19, but I’ve spent dozens of hours day dreaming, I mean, planning some of the details ahead of time.

Macnaughton says, “The interior will have very little in it other than the central berth flat, compartments for flotation foam in the ends, and shelves for storage of food, water, and cooking equipment.”

and… “We find it is good to have a boat for day sailing that you can throw some water and food aboard and go out for an afternoon’s sailing without worrying about rain or heavy winds ruining your afternoon. If things look like they might get uncomfortable, it is a simple matter to just duck into a cove, or behind an island, or just up under the windward shore of our wonderful system of bays that surrounds Eastport. There you just anchor, make some cocoa, read and, if it appears the most enjoyable option, bunk down and spend the night. If you only have rain to contend with you have the option of dogging the window panels in place and just sailing along nice and dry in the now fully enclosed pilothouse.”

A gimballed stove would be nice, but they seem to be out of production, so perhaps the next best thing is a JetBoil Flash Cooking System.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System -

Perhaps with a hanging system instead of the gimbals.


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