Adventure Sailing: Tiny Shantyboat Options

When you hear the word “shantyboat” a certain image comes to mind:

guttenberg shanty boat - YouTube.clipular

dianne's rose houseboat - Google Search.clipular

A shantyboat is either created with materials that are at hand or built using modest materials such as ACX plywood.  Size most often ranges from 16 feet to 24 feet, give or take.

But there are many ways to go in this shantyboat arena, including going small.  Really small.

Puddle Duck Racer - Easiest Sailboat to Build and Race.clipular

Take for example these two craft inspired by the Puddle Ruck Racers, an amazingly cheap and simple mini-scow of sorts.  These two little ducks fall a little outside the normal PDR simple, including protection from the rain and a place to sleep.   I must say, these have my interest!

Quick note:  Class rules do not allow anyone to sell plans for puddle ducks, so if you really want these boats to work for the class, double check the specifications for the class and for these designs.

Scow 244 – Free Plans

“8 foot cruising sailboat for a lonely captain, and a little daysailer for youngsters.


5 1/2 sheets of ACX ¼” – 6 mm plywood.

I recommend using epoxy, without glass fiber, on the bottom of the hull, chines and all edges.

The plans details all the parts and frames dimension, the parts nesting on plywood sheets, and a 3D model.

This plan is free, like freeware. Also I provide an additional 3D building sequence <link here> at a fair low price for those who want both more details and support my work.” – Jérôme Delaunay


And then there’s the Gorfnik PDR, which is just a bit more “crude”, but seems perfectly workable for those who dream in this direction.

Gorfnik - Gorfnik - a simpler Paradox Idea and design from -- - Flickr.clipular

You’ll find a free PDF here, filled with info gathered in a rather organic way.  Good stuff.


What an adventure you could have in one of these little boats.  Don’t you think?

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