Adventure Sailing: Review: Plans are… pretty good.

Getting new plans is exciting.  Christmas as a kid, that’s what it is like.   Or, it’s like the day you get a new dog.   So much hope, so many dreams.

After an irritating delay, the plans arrived today at work, but since I was in meetings all day I had to wait until I got home this evening.

What do I think?   Well, first off, initially I was disappointed.   There are a few things that just aren’t laid out very clearly.  Cabin construction details, for example.  And there was some of the measurement detail lacking.  For example, it never says how tall the mast for the sail is.

After a quick consult with the designer I was reminded that all dimensions are available, you just need to measure them and do a conversion using the plans scale.  Silly me, I forgot!

Silver_Gull_19 (1)

It’s fascinating to look at the plans of a boat that you’ve studied from afar for so long.  I mean, I’ve been looking at this design for at least a decade.   Now that I’ve jumped and am holding the plans, I’m pretty excited.   This is one unusual little boat with a few quirks in the build.  I’ll share them as I proceed with the build…. I think.   I’m pretty sure.  Today at least.

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