Adventure Boat: Pedaling to Nanaimo.

Not a shantyboat. Not a sailboat. File under cool boat, a not for me cool boat.


Beautiful boat, but the trip was cancelled.  Read more here.  I certainly understand and respect his reasons.

“After an incredible 4 year journey just to get to the start line, which consisted of expedition planning, boat design, boat building and numerous sea trial trips, I have come to the very disappointing conclusion that crossing the Pacific ocean from Canada to Hawaii in my human powered boat WiTHiN, is now outside of my personal risk/reward threshold.

Rick Willoughby and I designed WiTHiN to be the most efficient vessel capable of crossing an ocean under human power, and I believe that we have succeeded, for I am not aware of any other offshore capable, self supporting human powered boat that is as efficient as WiTHiN in converting human power to forward motion over a very large body of water. Our second goal was to design a boat that was safe, and I also believe that we have achieved this because WiTHiN could roll over a hundred times with me safely sealed-up inside the water-tight cockpit or sleeping cabin.”

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