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In 2013 I shared a series of articles from Michael Weekes about a fascinating geodesic build.   Read here.   Today I got a note from him with a related project.   Michael is one creative person!

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“What is Life Pod? Life Pod is what you make it. Life Pod is a recreational vehicle for the outdoor enthusiast, a mobile office, an homeless or emergency relief shelter offering support after a disaster, flood, tornado or hurricane.

Why Does It Look Like That? Life Pod resembles a water droplet, natures most robust, efficient, effective package.

How Big is Life Pod? Life pod ranges from is 112’ to 288’ sq. (8’ wide, 8’ high and 13.5’ long) up to 12’ wide and 24’ long. It has the largest volume for any dwelling structure.

Does is Float? Life Pod is waterproof and can be outfitted like a boat, a floating shelter a houseboat or waterfront get-away.

Can Life Pod Be Buried? Yes, It makes a splendid tornado shelter, but we like it above ground even better.

Does it Have to Be Mobile? Life Pod can be towed by a 4 cyl. sedan or ATV, staged on land, on a trailer, a barge, a train car or a truck bed.

Features and Functions:

Full Size Bed, 33” wide shower, compost toilet, kitchen counter, sink, 9 gal hot water heater, 15 gal. water reservoir, storage cabinet, bedroom closet, (44 cu. Ft.) and bedroom storage (44 cu. Ft.). Power: 120 30 A Options A/C Heater 12V DC Propane TV / DVD Solar Panel(s) Up to 36 R Value Insul. Structure 2×2 PT frame, Plywood walls Low VOC adhesives and waterproof deck screws PTO roofing exterior skin”

For more information email Michael at:


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