Follow Up: Recurring Dream

The Recurring Dream is a houseboat project built for sustainable, off-the-grid living on the waterways of Oregon. Currently in its 4th (hopefully final) year of being built from the ground up by local Artist-Sculptor-Photographer-Inventor, Than Monk


They say:  Hey friends and family, take a quick tour of the boat progress! Thanks for all of your help so far! If you’d still like to help, this is the time! We should be on the water within the month we hope 🙂 Chip in here:

Started in 2009, the Recurring Dream is a hand-built cruising houseboat, created as an independent dwelling for my small family. When finished, it will have solar power, rainwater collection and filtration, passive solar heat, and wind/current propulsion to enhance the typical outboard. It is a demonstration of what can be achieved with dedication, a small budget, and perseverance, and an example of low-impact living that I hope will be an inspiration to others in these changing times.

We hope to have our new home on the water by this Summer. While most of the large work is already completed, we still need assistance with the expensive but necessary hauling and launching, plus title and registration fees. This is where you come in: with your donation, you can help us build a better living environment, not just for me and my family, but for everyone who believes that they can personally create and be responsible for their own comfort and happiness.

Thanks to reporter Dan Hohman.

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