Escargot for Sale

The ad on Craigslist says:

“ESCARGOT: 20′-2″ x 6′-0″ trailerable.
Front deck 44″x72″w , Rear deck 64″x72″w
Canal and sheltered inland waterways cruiser. Accomodations are for two plus one.
Outboard propulsion – 25 hp Johnson Remote Control/Steering , Dual axle trailer
5084727269”  – December 2013

Bryan Lowe says:

There are quite a few modifications here:  Increased length, window layout and design, flat roof, and so on.  Check out the original plans here. My build is here.  I’ve taken the designer out on my Escargot a couple of times, and spoken with him many other times.   While he approved of the modifications I did of increasing the height of the cabin, he really didn’t care for the lack of curve in my rub-rail along the side.   He thought it took away from the pretty lines.  I am sure Phil would be aghast at a few of the modifications here!   But… this looks like a very nice build with some nice owner added touches.  No idea on price  It is near Syracuse.

escargot four

escargot three

escargot one

escargot three

escargot two

Thanks to reporter Katie.


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