I think it was 2009 or so that I met Paul and his Tomboy.. a Bolger Jesse Cooper. If you love Bolger, you’d love this boat. It has all the pros and cons of a Bolger craft.. in a very compact space, while still offering standing headroom and considerable amenities. Nice boat. And now Paul writes us to say it is for sale:


Another project calls, so I’ve decided to put Tomboy up for sale.
She’s looking a bit tired compared to her prime at the 2009
Center for Wooden Boats Show in Seattle. Since then we’ve cruised
a couple of summers in her up to Canada. She received a new marine
ply/glass roving bottom in 2008 as well as a new main mast and many
other repairs. She’s in need of a repaint and some structural work in
her topsides aft.

Comes with Honda 9.9 electric start OB, depth sounder, 2 burner
propane stove with cutoff, Newport wood stove and a Lenihan Charcoal
heater. Come by for a look and a sail or make an offer.

contact Paul   http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/3066062016.html

Lake Union Sail from China Guava on Vimeo.

Bolger Jessie Cooper from China Guava on Vimeo.

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