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Old Plans: Bayou Belle

March 6, 2012


by David Beach
This 24-foot outboard river cruiser boasts the comforts of home.
Bayou Belle provides one designer’s solution to the search for an ideal river cruiser, and does so with the capabilities of the average small boat builder as a prime consideration. The structure is simple to fabricate and assemble, utilizing exterior grade fir plywood wherever possible. The structural members are of oak or yellow pine although locally available woods of equal strength are entirely satisfactory. Only a band saw and a tilting bed table saw are required besides the usual chest of hand woodworking tools and a power drill with screwdriver attachment. The outboard plan and profile shows a big pram-like hull on which is mounted a long cabin with four large windows on each side.   Buy a photocopy of this article here.

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One Response to Old Plans: Bayou Belle

  1. rjwalker on March 31, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    FWIW, out of curiosity I purchased the plans and they are no more readable that what is online