5 Funny Boat Launches (And What You Can Learn From Them)

A Guest Post from Ashlee McCullen of ApronAddicts.com:

One of the hardest techniques for new boat owners to master just happens to be the most important: The boat launch.

If you’re new to boating, be sure to thoroughly understand the techniques you’ll be using to get your vessel out of a trailer and into the water. At the very least, you will be able to launch your boat faster. More importantly, you’ll prevent harming yourself, your boat, and your hauling equipment (including your truck).

While I would never want to scare anyone away from all the benefits of boating, the following funny videos are an important reminder of just how important it is to be safe and knowledgeable.

And Boom!

All seems to be going well in this video, but we quickly learn how the effects of gravity can ruin a well-intentioned launch.

The Lesson: Remember to keep your winch securely connected to your boat until just before the moment your boat is separated. That said, be sure to unhook your stern tie-downs and the wiring between your boat and the trailer before backing into the water.

Deep Sea Driving

Knowing just how far to back up is an important lesson for the new boater. Many beginners back up too far, perhaps as a measure of caution.

The Lesson: If water pours out of your truck’s interior after you’ve pulled out of the ramp, you’ve probably backed up too far. As a general guideline, it’s best to avoid submerging your vehicle’s wheels. Back up just enough so your boat can float off the trailer or you can easily push your boat off the trailer.

Where to Begin?

Here’s the aftermath of a failed boat launch. It involves a submerged F-250 and a tow truck. Fortunately, it ends well, and the car appears to be working. But who knows what the long term damage will be?

The Lesson: Take your time when launching your boat. If you go slowly and carefully, you may actually find the process goes faster since you’re more likely to avoid making mistakes. Also, use the help of a friend to serve as a spotter.

Be Careful Pulling Your Boat Back In, Too

Once again, our dear friends have backed up perhaps a little too far. Watch as a second, and then a third truck come to the rescue. Not to mention two tractors. By the time the boat is finally secured and pulled out of the water, a gaggle of spectators has formed, and the truck is logged with water.

The Lesson: Once again, don’t back up too far. And know your vehicle’s limitations. Few things are more frustrating than being stuck in the water with spinning wheels.

And Just For Fun


Don’t let this happen to you!

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