Escargot Build 10


A FAMILY built boat!


This is not a show boat, it is a FAMILY boat!

This boat was built in the worst of conditions by an inexperienced family.  If WE can build a boat, you can build a boat.  It was the 2nd boat we have built, the first only being ten feet.  We don’t have a workshop filled with tools, in fact we don’t have a workshop.  It was built in a small driveway under needle and insect dropping trees. (Insects love wet green or red paint!)  In the process we learned how to use epoxy, different paints, sand, etc.  We made mistakes, it is not perfect, but we dreamed it and built it!  With all we learned, the NEXT boat will be even better!




  • 18 feet long, 6 feet wide
  • Sleeps 4, includes head, and storage.
  • We modified the plans. Shambala is 6 inches taller than the plans, has different windows, and a simplified interior.  Escargot was designed to be pedal powered.  Not all changes were for the better, but we like a motor!
  • This boat is NOT done.  We still have to build hatches in the roof, install a real plywood floor, and finish much interior trim and paint.  Much of the boat was rushed to get it “done” in time for the boat show.  Some of the painting, sanding, and trim will be redone.
  • Cost unknown, but estimated to be about $3,000.
  • Pillows made by Karen.


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